You must be on the about page because you’re wanting to know a little more about the person behind the brand as well as a bit about how Ivy White was created. Well, firstly let me introduce myself, I am Rachel, a qualified Graphic Designer, working in the design industry for over a decade. I am a chocolate and coffee lover, mother & wife… and all round romantic! As I have been a bride myself, I know the importance of wedding stationery and understanding my customers.

Attention to detail is extremely important to me and all my work is done with as much love and care as if it were my own. I absolutely love the little details and I think there is something very special about receiving a gorgeous invitation or stationery set through the post with thought out touches. From pre-designed to bespoke, I love to offer flexibility through designs so you get the perfect stationery reflecting you, your style and your big day!


After working in design agencies for many years I was made redundant a month before my wedding in 2013… It’s OK it ended up being all plus’s! I had extra time to relax and plan the final touches of our big day and I decided I was going to venture off on my own. Ivy White was created! I absolutely loved designing my own wedding stationery and thought what better job could I ask for… working with happy couples, being my own boss, designing and being surrounded with romance and all round lovey dovey stuff.

I am passionate about helping couples create beautifully bespoke wedding stationery that reflects their personality, style and character. I have worked on weddings that are small & intimate through to extravagant celebrations and even destination and themed weddings. Whether you are looking at a design from The Collection or the Bespoke Service for something totally unique, Ivy White offers a personalised service that allows your initial ideas to be brought to life ensuring your wedding stationery is perfect for you (not to mention getting you and your guests extremely excited about your up-coming big day!)

I absolutely LOVE all things wedding (including talking about them!) and am proud to offer beautiful, luxurious wedding stationery. All our stationery is printed professionally in the UK to insure we offer the highest quality. We offer range of card stocks, specialised printing, printed name and colour options and lots more! If you have something in mind and can’t see if on the website, just ask!


Ivy, not only is it a pretty name but also in ancient Greece an ivy wreath would be presented to newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. Its symbolic meaning is Growth, Connection & Friendship.

White, is colour at its most complete and pure, the colour of perfection. The colour meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

So, to me… Ivy White made sense!