As the bride, there is a lot to think about during the wedding day and your hair is one of the most important aspects. A few years back Ivy White’s Rachel changed her hair colour and decided to go a bit wild! Now, I loved the colour but there were a few hick ups along the way. Here’s my story advise for anyone who’s hair needs some love on the run up to their big day…

So I decided I wanted to go crazy and try something new! I mean really change my hair! So my idea was to take my colour from caramel with blonde highlights to LAVENDER! That’s right! I should just say before I go on I loved the colour! It’s very cool and I think it suited me but getting it to that point was a bit of a nightmare and if I’d known I probably wouldn’t have done it.

I went to my hairdresser who is great and told her what I wanted. She said its not going to be a problem; she had done similar on someone else’s hair before (lavender ombre on dark hair). So I was excited to get mine done and was booked in.

Firstly I needed my whole head bleached so the lavender would work. I know bleaching your hair is not great but it was a low level so not so bad. Cutting a long story short once the bleach was done she coloured my hair. Once it was dry I had a look. Lavender it was not! I had a dark pink/plum colour. Now this is not a bad colour but not what I wanted, so to achieve the lavender she said I would have to get my hair bleached again! Its gets worse… In total my scalp was bleached three times so by the third time I felt like I had a blow touch to my head!

Anyway finally we got there with the colour! My poor head was very sore for a few days but the worst part was it seriously damaged my hair.

This is where you come in! After getting bleach-damaged hair I had to try and get some life back into it and repair it from breaking. I was told some great ways to treat bleached hair and also any hair in need of some TLC.

A product I swear by to get protein into your hair, which will repair any damage, is the wonderful KPac. Its not that cheap (around £30-£40 for the shampoo and conditioner) but its so worth it. It helped my hair so much and leaves it soft and gorgeous.

If your hair is damaged protein is the way forward! A lot of people (myself included before) would use conditioner to help with dry or damaged hair but this will only make it soft and not repair it.

If you wanted to make your own protein treatment (which I have also done) you just need to get some olive oil and a couple of eggs, mix them together and cover your dry hair in the mix. Rap some cling film around your head (it gets messy and drips) and leave for 30 minutes, then simply wash off, shampoo and follow with a deep conditioner. You will need the deep conditioner as this protein mix makes your hair feel dry (although its doing wonders for your hair).

I would recommend a protein treatment once and week (if needed) and a deep conditioner. This is going to get your hair wedding ready, soft and in the best condition.

Have a regular trim as well as this is a great way to get your hair in great condition.

One thing I absolutely love is coconut oil! I can’t get enough of this stuff! Melt it down so it’s runny and use it in dry hair as a treatment. Leave it for as long as possible, at least an hour (I have left it over night before) and then wash and condition as normal. This makes your hair turn into silk! It’s also so good for your hair as it contains protein. Apparently it thickens and strengthens your hair too!

One last thing, use serum! I like argan oil which I use on the ends of my hair and then a thin amount over my hair to give a lovely shine.

I hope my tips help. This is me (trying to rid the world of bad hair days!) signing out! Rach x